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Blend the concept of personal sponsorship,
as seen in the professional sports, with the social
and game play activities of consumers that
ultimately influence the success of your brand.
About Brand(ark) Inc.

Chapter 1

The company was conceived in 2011 and subsequently hatched in early 2012 by co-founders Todd Patrick, Chris Tivey and Prasad Chavali. Collectively, with diverse marketing and technical backgrounds along with a common love for sports, especially the game of golf, they set out to create a superior fantasy golf experience, one that was more engaging than anything currently in the marketplace. When they discovered that over 45 million people were engaged in playing fantasy sports in the U.S. alone, they were determined to create a commercially viable platform that stood above the rest. A chance encounter with a rather large bear on the 15th hole of the Chateau Whistler golf course at Whistler, British Columbia one afternoon, set them on a course that would change everything, but more on that at another time.

With an aversion to banner advertising and a determination to revolutionize digital media advertising, they conceived the concept of personal BRAND sponsorship, as seen in professional sports, for their first platform Golfradar. Many whiteboard sessions later, they became convinced that the application could be designed to stimulate and activate customers of the brands they would target for sponsorship. At a time when online and mobile consumers are overwhelmed with irrelevant advertising content and marketers are trying to find new ways to connect with consumers while validating marketing expenditures with measurable results, Golfradar enables golfers and fans of the game to become sponsored by the brands they like, allowing them to "Feel Like a Pro". Brands can then provide these consumers with relevant content and encourage brand advocacy through social activities.

Then the concept evolved yet again with the idea that Golfradar could be offered as a "white label" solution to companies looking to introduce gamification into their ecommerce efforts, (no credit to the bear for this idea). This was validated during a North American tour to showcase the Golfradar prototype to golf retailers, travel companies and golf course operators where the common reaction was, "We've discussed the idea of integrating fantasy golf into our marketing programs but don't have the expertise or budget to do so". Golfradar can provide a low cost, turnkey, fantasy golf platform to companies of all type and size.

"Of course we are very excited about bringing Golfradar to any company or organization looking to engage their customers in more effective ways but we are also planning to introduce other specialty sports platforms over the next year", says Todd Patrick, Co-Founder/CEO. "We are studying the game play and social patterns of consumers and designing the best possible experience to suit the sports they love to play and follow".

And so it goes.

Todd Patrick

Before the creation of Brand(ark) in 2011, Todd served as VP Marketing and Sales for Intrawest. Over 16 years he led teams across North America in achieving unprecedented sales including a one day record of $425M.

After a short hiatus to travel with his family, Todd returned to Vancouver, BC with the goal to start a new company that would combine his passions with his experience. Brand(ark) was conceived out of the desire to change the way consumers and brands connect and interact online. Initially, through sports related platforms, Todd knew that if done right, the idea of everyday people being sponsored by brands, much like professional athletes, could change the face of online and mobile social interaction, advertising and brand advocacy for the benefit of both consumers and brands.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Arizona State University.

What sporting event would you love to attend? Golf is my passion. I attended the 1998 Masters which was an amazing experience. It's a toss up between the British Open and a US Open Tennis final.

What athlete would you most like to meet? Can I say Natalie Gulbis or will my wife kill me?

What's your favorite App? My favorite App is Epic Mix by Vail Resorts. From a cool user dashboard to their integration of photos and rewards there are so many great features – yet the design is clean and simple. The App I use most though is The Weather Channel. I have this thing for weather and checking all the fantastic places I've been and want to see.

Chris Tivey
Co-Founder & EVP

A graduate of Sheridan College in Marketing and Design, Chris co-founded several successful creative firms across Canada over the years including: Ideation, The Hathaway Group and Envisioning & Storytelling (E&S), creating successful campaigns for clients such as Intrawest, General Motors, Estee Lauder Cosmetics and Kraft General Foods. Between 2000 and 2009 he served as VP, Marketing and then President of Star Resort Group in Scottsdale, Arizona before co-founding THE PGA TOUR CLUB as a result of negotiating a 30-year global licensing deal with PGA TOUR Inc. In 2011, Tivey and his partners sold the license to a Denver based luxury destination club. Chris is adamant that Brand(ark) is the best conceived of them all and set to be the most fun.

In a much earlier life, Chris raced motorcycles and "played" with snowmobiles and fast boats, but it was golf that stuck. Luckily.

What sporting event would you love to attend? Golf and Formula One, what else is there? So… the Masters, Grand Prix of Monaco and the British Open, not necessarily in that order. That's three but what can I say.

What athlete would you most like to meet? Muhammad Ali, Fernando Alonso and Tiger, necessarily in that order.

What's your favorite App? Jesse Schimmel turned me on to Flipboard. Pretty cool, love the interface. Expedia is great because it usually means I am going somewhere. And I still get a kick out of Shazam, my first "app love".

Prasad Chavali

Prior to joining Brand(ark), Prasad served as CIO of PGA TOUR Experiences and Director of Technology Solutions at Club Holdings. Prasad also owns an off shore development company, PLLC Software solutions in Hyderabad India with a development staff of 40 professionals. Prasad also closely works with various golf retailers including PGA TOUR Superstore and American Hole in One. He was an integral part of several successful start-ups including Amazing Mail. Prasad has over 17 years of technology experience, including careers at Infinisys, Motorola and Asset Technologies.

Prasad holds Masters Degree in Information Systems from Arizona State University.

What sporting event would you love to attend? Cricket World Cup finals. As a kid grew up watching cricket in India and still have a desire to attend a high profile tournament.

What athlete would you most like to meet? I grew up as a big fan of Ivan Lendl and some of the other big names in tennis. I would also love the opportunity to meet Davis Love III.

What's your favorite App? My favorite App used to be Triptracker which I used to track all my travel itineraries magically in one place, but recently it lost support of some travel partners, and not as useful anymore. Current favorite is Starbucks, simple and very handy.

Marc Haddad
VP Business Development

An innovative marketer and a new business development executive, Marc has over 16 years of experience working in the ever-evolving world of sports related businesses, including Tennis and golf instruction, sales and marketing and business and product development. Marc Haddad began his career as a tennis instructor for Club Med before moving to U.S. Sports Camps as a customer service representative for the Nike Sports Camps before transitioning to focus solely on Nike Golf Schools & Junior Camps where he was promoted to Vice President managing all sales and acquisitions for the Nike golf programs.

Marc joined PGA TOUR Experiences staff in 2010 and successfully launched numerous junior golf camp locations that operate under the TOURAcademy brand.

Marc holds a B.S. in Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara.

What sporting event would you love to attend? Wimbeldon. Being a tennis player at heart, I would love to see the pros play on grass. Close second is the British Open, as I have been to all the other majors and the Open Championship is the only one left on my list

What athlete would you most like to meet? Muhammad Ali, who wouldn't want to meet "the greatest of all time"!

What's your favorite App? I am a sports freak, so to pick just one is brutal, but use theScore the most to catch up on all game scores and lines.

Jesse Schimmel
Director of Marketing and Social Media

Prior to joining Brand(ark) in January 2012, Jesse served as an Account Manager for Quay Communications, managing a diverse portfolio of clients from large public sector organizations to small private sector start-ups.

Jesse is a firm believer that people deserve remarkable experiences. Nothing affects one's view of a person, place or business like a bad experience – except a remarkable one. This belief drives Jesse's team to convert Brand(ark)'s unique concept of personal brand sponsorships, user-chosen content and social competition, into a memorable online experience unattainable elsewhere – feeling like a pro.

On paper, Jesse holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University. In life, he excels (in his own mind) in golf, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, sailing, biking and volleyball.

What sporting event would you love to attend? How much time do we have? Top 5 – The Masters, The Open (St Andrews year), Ryder Cup, Kentucky Derby and a World Cup Downhill at Kitzbühel.

What athlete would you most like to meet? Tom Watson. One of the greatest golfers ever. Five-time Open champion, Ryder Cup winning captain, mentored by Byron Nelson. Would love to have a bourbon with him.

What's your favorite App? Favorite – Flipboard. All my news sources in one place? Yes please. Their highly addictive page-flipping experience reeled me in from the beginning. Most used – Yahoo! And CBS Sports Fantasy Football apps. Yes I'm a fantasy football addict.

Don Thibeau
Advisory Board Member

Don Thibeau is the Executive Director of The Open ID Foundation, an open source software identity standards organization representing leaders in internet, enterprise and social media technology. Don has a rich background in the data, identity and social layers of both the internet and the telecom computing channel. He has both enterprise experience and entrepreneurial management expertise in exchange and consortium-based business models for data, analytics and web content. He has held senior management positions with leading organizations including Kodak, TransUnion, and LexisNexis.

Thibeau was an original member of the Reed Elsevier Venture Fund and also founding Chairman of the Board of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX). The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a neutral, non-profit, multi-channel provider of certification trust frameworks for open identity technologies. OIX was founded by grants from the OpenID and Information Card Foundations and support from companies including Google, PayPal, VeriSign, Verizon and Equifax.

Don lives in the Washington DC area and has contributed to numerous companies in the areas of product management, channel sales, and strategic alliances.

Michael Drever
Advisory Board Member

An entrepreneur who founded CruiseShipCenters International and later partnered with Expedia Inc to form Expedia CruiseShipCenters, where he serves as Chairman and Founder, Michael has extensive knowledge of the travel industry including franchising retail and online technology that optimizes travel bookings.

Prior to forming the partnership with Expedia in 2007, Michael acquired the rights from International CruiseShipCenters and grew the company from a start up in Canada to the country's leading seller of cruise vacations, with over 22% market share.

Expedia CruiseShipCenters currently supports over 160 retail franchise partners, which in turn support nearly 3,500 travel professionals throughout North America with the vision to become the #1 Cruise Vacation Specialist in the World.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Chief Creative Officer

Ken Griffey Jr., nicknamed "Junior" and "The Kid", played for 22 years in Major League Baseball (MLB) for three teams (1989–2010). He spent most of his career with the Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds, along with a short stint with the Chicago White Sox. A 13-time All-Star, Ken was one of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history; his 630 home runs rank as the sixth-most in MLB history. Also an exceptional defender, he won 10 Gold Glove Awards in center field. He is tied for the record of most consecutive games with a home run (8 games, tied with Don Mattingly and Dale Long).

Griffey found his love for golf during the 1994 MLB labor crisis and still plays golf nearly every Sunday, part of what he calls "Griffey Forced Family Fun" with his two sons and daughter. "With an 8 handicap, Ken hits the ball further off the tee than perhaps 25 to 30 percent of those on Tour," said Rodney Green, Director of Golf at Innisbrook Resort. "The best thing is that he's a good person, a good friend and a great father." Griffey’s philanthropic efforts include a series of charity wines to support The Ken Griffey Jr. Family Foundation, supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and several children's hospitals.

"I'm thrilled to team up with Golfradar and help reinvent fantasy golf. I love the game of golf and as a fan I really enjoy following the PGA TOUR and the players. The concept of fans getting sponsored by their favorite brands is very cool and being able to use – or play against – expert's picks is a great piece. You can stack up against my picks every week! We're creating the very best fantasy golf experience for fans of this game".

Management Team

Todd Patrick

Chris Tivey

Prasad Chavali

Marc Haddad
VP Bus Development

Jesse Schimmel
Marketing & Social Media

Ken Griffey Jr.
Chief Creative Officer
Advisory Board

Don Thibeau

Mike Drever
Brand(ark) News

Stay tuned for upcoming press announcement on the official launch of Brand(ark)'s first digital platform, Golfradar, coming in February 2013.

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